Coathanger Abortions

by DalekSam

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Dedicated to PolygonJim (1992-2013), this EP would never have been made if it wasn't for him.

Coathanger Abortions is my first release since Houskaro! This EP is a big adventure for me - I did a lot of experimenting and trying new things. The end result is something I'm extremely proud of. Each track was especially wrote for the EP; it isn't a compilation! And unlike Houskaro, I love each and every track on it.


released May 17, 2013

Tracks 1-5 produced and written by DalekSam.
Vocals on Random Remix performed by Alexander Slingsby.
House of Haggis by Dustin Wyatt (Tweaker).

Special thanks:

Tongara, Spanner, Tweaker, Freelow, Michael, PolygonJim, Eva, Nikita, Rhys, Marc, Skyp the Fag and everyone else who has given me moral support!



all rights reserved


DalekSam Belfast, UK

Independent amateur composer, song writer and producer.

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Track Name: Random Remix
I like telephones
Telephones are the best
They do lots of things like ring
You can ring people on them
Not unless you have credit
Sometimes you have to top up
I usually put five pounds credit on mine
Cause it lasts me all week!
But then, it gets used
I have to ring people on it
Not out of choice but 'cause they force me to
I am a crazy ass fool

My television is a Phillips
It is big but it's big and black
Doesn't that remind you of something else?

My favourite programme is Dexter's Lab
I watched when I was a baby
I like baby things
I am a baby
I am a baby at heart

This is why I like this music
It is really good
It is a nice tune and it's got nice
It is a nice tune of music
Doesn't that remind you of something else?